Who we are

“Breaking the Glass Ceiling” blog is brought to you by the King’s College London Women and Politics Society. Our society stands to bring together students and faculty who are interested in the relationship between women in/and politics. We aim to bring light the fundamental strides that women make everyday in politics and other positions of power whilst acknowledging the several difficulties and hardships of the past and for the journey ahead for gender equality.

The Women and Politics Society hosts talks, events and socials to educate and form friendships amongst our members. This blog is an additional entity of the society, but a independent platform nevertheless.

“Breaking the Glass Ceiling” constitutes of two co-editors (Carina Uchida and Celia Pannetier) and is made up of motivated students who want to have their voice heard and opinions mattered. Because at the end of the day, a blog becomes what the writers portray and how the readers engage, and it is essential for it to be diverse, well formulated and most importantly, unique to ones own.

So “who we are” is all of us, the society, the editors,  the writers and you, the reader. The blog has very recently launched in September 2016, and we are looking forward to grow together and empower each other through the process.

Therefore, from the KCL Women and Politics Society and the co-editors who hold this blog very dearly, we hope that you can be a part of this conversation in every way we can. For any questions, feedback or submissions, either check out the Write for Us section or email us at: wpsoc.blog@gmail.com