Regular Contributors

Our regular contributors are students who are highly motivated and involved with our blog, you can find their articles being published every few months. Get to know them and if you want to be a part of it, email us at! We are always taking in new submissions and members to expand our women-politics team!

Liza Kinnear


I am a Russian/ Scottish third year Law student at KCL, born and raised in Moscow. I have a keen interest in Criminology, Human Rights and International Relations. My hobbies include drinking coffee and avoiding doing uni work by reading good books and watching Netflix documentaries.

Maddy Pattison-Sharp


(Very boringly) Born and raised in the UK, I’m currently in my second year at King’s College London studying International Relations. My interest in International Relations and current affairs is varied but I have a particular interest in IR through the use of the arts as well as topics such as post-colonialism and human rights. When I’m not stressing about assignments you’ll find me trying to be cultured at exhibitions or watching too much Netflix.

Sydney Nam


An ethnic Korean and national of Australia and America, I’m currently enrolled at King’s College London as a second-year War Studies & History student. My specific interests lie somewhere in between writing about the political and social injustice of ethnic-minorities (particularly in East-Asia) and about the violation of women’s rights in conflict-zones, such as South Sudan. In my free-time I find myself meandering about the fresh-produce aisle in off-brand grocery stores or being coerced into spending my money on Connor Youngblood concerts.