Regular Contributors

Our regular contributors are students who are highly motivated and involved with our blog, you can find their articles being published every few months. Get to know them and if you want to be a part of it, email us at! We are always taking in new submissions and members to expand our women-politics team!

Aistė Bakutytė



Aistė Bakutytė was born and grew up in Kaunas, Lithuania. She is a second year History student and particularly interested in the female experience in Eastern Europe and South West Africa. Since spending her junior year in Chicago, IL, she’s become familiar with incredibly gifted and passionate women artists and would love to see them receive more attention from buyers and critics in profoundly male dominated art scene.

Coline Baralon



Coline Baralon is a first year in International Relations, with growing interests in the topics of feminism, human rights and diplomacy.

Anastasiya Ben


Anastasiya Ben is currently a student at King’s. When not reading philosophy and spending her time exploring art galleries, she reads poetry and appreciates flowers.

Leah Olasehinde



Leah is a second year English Law and French Law student at King’s College London. She loves food: cooking it, eating it and taking pictures of it! She is currently part of the Learning Station Project, teaching English to refugees and asylum seekers, and  trying (and struggling) to learn Arabic. She hopes to explore feminism through an intersectional perspective, especially in law and human rights, as even though equality is a fundamental principle in law, it is rarely reflected in practice.

Karen Birnie



Karen Birnie is final year medical student and ‘wannabe artist’ at KCL who will be focused on contributing art to The Clandestine. Formerly president of KCL Sexpression, she has a particular interest in how we can better deliver sex and relationships education to young people. She hopes to become a psychiatrist, where inclusive and intersectional values are essential in informing her practice.

Léah Boukobza



Léah Boukobza is a Parisian, currently based in London. She is a third year Liberal Arts student, majoring in Geography, and minoring in Politics. A lover of art and literature, she has always liked to write in order to tell the world what is in her heart.

Marie Colangelo



Marie Colangelo is currently a second year Politics student at KCL and is also one of the Event Managers of the Women & Politics society. She is interested in intersectional feminism and everything linked to gender. In her free time, she loves spending time in galleries, listening to music and debating with friends. Moreover, her natural talent for procrastination enabled her to develop quite interesting skills – such as playing the ukulele

Anna-Leah Gebühr



Anna-Leah Gebühr is a second year War Studies student. If she is not occupied with her studies or MUN (as she is the Treasurer of the KCL United Nations Association), you can usually find her reading, debating or eating chocolate. She is especially interested in women in history and war, migration and pacifism.

Carolin Geis



Carolin Geis is a third year international Development student, focusing specifically on gender and health in the development specter. Having grown up with a working mom and a stay at home dad, she began questioning how society can limit us at a young age. Since then, she’s been involved in feminist-related activism and political action.

Katarina Valieva



I am a second year History and International Relations student. I am originally from Russia but have been living in the UK for 5 years now. My major interest in Feminism is the influence of religion and social constructs on the lives of women. I am currently doing my research on Child Marriages and visited Central Asia to explore more about the subject.

Zahra Hassan



Zahra Hassan is a second year undergraduate student studying Religion, Politics, & Society at King’s, originally from the United States. She can speak Urdu, Farsi, (minimal) Arabic, and is hoping to learn a few more languages while in London. Aside from her passion for intersectional feminism, she’s a fan of traveling, spoken word poetry, philosophy, and bizarre documentaries!

Isabel Jess



Originally from Los Angeles, Isabel Jess is a current undergraduate History student and KCL Women & Politics Society Committee Member with a passion for International Politics with a focus on Immigration.

Sukirti Lohani



Sukirti Lohani is a first year Political Economy student, with an interest in intersectional feminism and post-colonialism. In her free time, she enjoys writing and finding WOC indie artists.


Val Meo



Val Meo is currently a second year student studying history and international relations at KCL. Her passions include traveling, reading, and participating in MUN. As a devout feminist, she continues passionately fighting to women’s rights and equality in the domestic and international spheres.


Diya Nair



Diya Nair is a third year Law student at King’s College London. She is an active member of the KCL Pro Bono Society and was Vice-President of the Legal Outreach Project, offering guidance to students interested in pursuing higher education. She is interested in postcolonial feminism and the intersection between culture and gender identity. In her free time, she can be found eating hummus and crackers, reading or obsessively rewatching The Mindy Project.


Emily O’Sullivan



Emily O’Sullivan is a Religion, Philosophy and Ethics graduate. She likes poetry, Russians, and instigating political debates in a variety of South London pubs, and her primary interest is working class issues.

Eliška Stroehlein



Eliška Stroehlein is a second year English Law and French Law student with an interest in (unsurprisingly) international Law, queerness, representation and, on a good day, all three!


Keya Punja



[Awaiting Bio Submission]

Wendy Wan



Wendy Wan is a third year Spanish and Philosophy student at KCL currently studying abroad in Mexico City/Barcelona.