Regular Contributors

Our regular contributors are students who are highly motivated and involved with our blog, you can find their articles being published every few months. Get to know them and if you want to be a part of it, email us at! We are always taking in new submissions and members to expand our women-politics team!

Andreea Badiu-Slabu


I am currently in my third year of studying International Politics at King’s College London. I am an Ambassador for King’s Entrepreneurship Institute and the Vice President of KCL Diplomacy Society. This spring I participated in the International Relations Career Challenge, a short-term extracurricular course where I worked in a team of five on project management about Women’s Entrepreneurship in Turkey.  As a Politics student, I expanded my analytical and research skills through the research projects written and can engage with data in advanced Excel spreadsheet modelling. I know English, French, Romanian and Spanish. When I am not preoccupied with my studies, I write.

Antara Dasgupta


I am currently a third year Chemistry student at King’s College London. I am the Co-director for the King’s Think Tank and the Cultures editor for IRISE, a blog for Women/Non-Binary People of Colour. I am very passionate about all things intersectional feminism and in my free time, I love to write non-fiction pieces, watch terrible Indian soaps and eat an unhealthy amount of peanut butter cups.

Molly Lindsey

I am a study abroad student from the University of San Diego, pursuing a degree in Interdisciplinary Humanities. Currently, I work as an intern at the British Museum and write for a U.S. startup, Arrived, which works to empower American migrants of any status by providing resources and up-to-date news. I am a big fan of music, yoga, dogs, coffee, and girl power. I hope to become a more inclusive and aware feminist and ally.

Leah Olasehinde


Leah is a second year English Law and French Law student at King’s College London. She loves food: cooking it, eating it and taking pictures of it! She is currently part of the Learning Station Project, teaching English to refugees and asylum seekers, and  trying (and struggling) to learn Arabic. She hopes to explore feminism through an intersectional perspective, especially in law and human rights, as even though equality is a fundamental principle in law, it is rarely reflected in practice.

Sophie Perry

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Sophie graduated from Brunel University London with a First Class Honours in Theatre and English, before joining King’s College London to pursue her Masters in Contemporary Literature, Culture & Theory. Sophie’s research interests include Intersectional Feminism, Queer theory, gender performativity and postcolonial identities.

Pooja Sajanani


Pooja is in her second year towards a degree in Bsc Political Economy at King’s College London. When she’s not scouring the internet for beginner lessons on anything from violin to calligraphy or watching historical dramas on Netflix with a hot cup of tea, she puts on fancy clothes and goes MUNing across UK. She enjoys exploring and  writing about issues which are at crossroads of feminism, economics and politics. She loves following this blog in particular because it covers many diverse aspects of feminism and it is real food for thought with its unique and insightful articles.

Rosanna Sheehan


Just finished my degree in Archaeology and Anthropology. I’m interested in a range of things but predominately having affable arguments. For fun I mostly see friends, and cultivate a broad enough bunch of hobbies as to keep myself thoroughly unskilled at anything.

Tori Sprott


I am a third year Philosophy student at KCL. When I am not pondering about the world and everything in it, I am listening to music, making mixes, spending money when I shouldn’t be or procrastinating. I am all about women and making feminism as inclusive as possible.

Katarina Valieva


I am a second year History and International Relations student. I am originally from Russia but have been living in the UK for 5 years now. My major interest in Feminism is the influence of religion and social constructs on the lives of women. I am currently doing my research on Child Marriages and visited Central Asia to explore more about the subject.

Harriet Whitehead

harriet whitehead
I am a 3rd year Philosophy undergrad and am particularly curious about feminist Metaphysics. I am interested in discussions surrounding freedom of speech, especially since spending my 2nd year at Berkeley. I also love to see art used as a medium for social activism and spend a lot of time hiding in galleries (wishing I could paint) and drinking tea.