This Body is Mine

I, who struggled and is yet to come to terms with being violated of such kind, one that I have seen in statistics and in the movies, but never on my skin, is here to declare that there is truce in the battlefield of anxiety.

She Who Tells a Story

Based on a central piece, “Mother, Daughter and Doll” by Boushra Almutawakel in the exhibition “She Who Tells a Story”

Boys will be…honourable men

By: Raluca Murg Raluca is a postgraduate exchange student in the War Studies Department at KCL. Her home university is SciencesPo Paris where she studies International Security. Her main interests are European and Russian politics, non-proliferation of WMDs and the prevention of gender based violence in conflict and post-conflict areas. Let me begin by saying…

A House Divided Cannot Stand

Written by: Carly Greenfield
I have listened. And I have chosen that human rights trump ‘Christian’ domination. I have elected to put the safety of others before my concerns about big banks. I voted for my undocumented friends who would be deported back to countries they hardly know. I voted for trans girls who need love and support, not electroshock therapy. I voted for women who needed to know that they are more important than a protest vote. I voted for the women who choose to wear the hijab and should not live in fear because of it. I voted not for every Clinton policy, but instead for every American.

In Grief.

On grief and reflection upon the 2016 US Elections.

Closing the Gendered Data Gap

As AI plays a larger role in our lives, steps must be taken in order to ensure that the gap between developed and developing countries does not grow larger, especially for specific groups, like women, who feel the lasting effects of being pushed aside as secondary priorities by their respective governments and societies.

Ambulante: Impact Through the Lens of Untold Stories

Written by: Maddy Pattison-Sharp, currently a second year at King’s College London studying International Relations. Her specific interests are diverse and varied but she has a particular interest in IR through the use of the arts as well as topics such as post-colonialism and human rights. “Solutions to our most critical problems are not to be…

The UN Secretary General That Never Was

On Thursday the 6th of October, one of the supposedly most powerful positions in the world was filled: with Ban Ki-Moon’s mandate ending in December, the United Nations’ top job, that of the Secretary General (SG), was selected. Antonio Guterres, ex-Portuguese Prime Minister (1995-2002) and ex-UN High Commissioner for Refugees (2005-2015) will, from January, be…

What Is Feminism To You?

Unveiling connotations of feminism around King’s College London. Video produced by Celia Pannetier Special thanks to Dr. Costa Fillipo Buranelli, Dr. Pablo de Orellana, Louise Tumchewics, Adrianna Stanoch, Amber Allen, Gonzalo Pradillo, Cornélie Martin, Sarah Boulton, Agathe Dorra and Sam Wyatt Photo: