The UN Secretary General That Never Was

On Thursday the 6th of October, one of the supposedly most powerful positions in the world was filled: with Ban Ki-Moon’s mandate ending in December, the United Nations’ top job, that of the Secretary General (SG), was selected. Antonio Guterres, ex-Portuguese Prime Minister (1995-2002) and ex-UN High Commissioner for Refugees (2005-2015) will, from January, be…

What Is Feminism To You?

Unveiling connotations of feminism around King’s College London. Video produced by Celia Pannetier Special thanks to Dr. Costa Fillipo Buranelli, Dr. Pablo de Orellana, Louise Tumchewics, Adrianna Stanoch, Amber Allen, Gonzalo Pradillo, Cornélie Martin, Sarah Boulton, Agathe Dorra and Sam Wyatt Photo:

Being a Woman and Fighting Daesh

A detour by Rojava, radical gender egalitarianism on the Syrian front.     Liberté, Egalité, Fraternité does not sound French anymore. It now resonates as a broader European – or Western democratic – societal ideal. However, assuming that these principles should serve as the underlying basis of modern societies, where in the Arab world could we…

Feminist Contributions to Our Understanding of World Politics

 Despite harsh criticism from classical and conventional theorists, feminist thinkers have successfully contributed to the International Relations (IR) discipline by expanding its fields of study and its methods.   Making its first appearance in the late 1980s, all feminist approaches are dedicated to achieving political, social, economic and legal equality of sexes. With the aim…

Will Hillary Clinton be the best choice to make?

In November this year, the citizens of the United States will be choosing the next person responsible in leading the country. There is a lot of controversy regarding the winner of the elections. What makes it more intriguing is a woman being amongst the candidates, and the possibility for her to be the first female American leader. Will she have what it takes for such a position?

Iranian Women on the Eve of Double Elections

The past weeks represented an eventful time for Iranian politics. While the Iranian President Hassan Rohani was paying diplomatic visits in Europe, the Iranian Parliamentary and Assembly of experts’ elections were still in preparation, and women are closely monitoringwhat is happening.