Meet the Officers

Meet The Clandestine’s officers! If you want to contact officers directly please email

Disabilities Officer: Izzy Caldwell



Izzy Caldwell is a third year English Literature student at KCL. Her research interests include human rights literature and disability representation. She is passionate and vocal about accessibility and visibility, specifically for disabled people, though she does her upmost not to leave anyone out. She enjoys jazz, theatre and white wine, and has made out with a few too many Tories for her liking.

LGBTQ+ Officer: Monika Šakytė



Monika Šakytė is a second year History student who constantly has issues with her last name not being recognised by British systems. Originally from Lithuania, she has finished International Baccalaureate in a British school and somehow ended up studying at KCL. A fan of theatre, museums and photography, she will almost always be spotted with a cup of coffee. Apart from being a keen bean and making sure that everyone is heard, she is interested in gender politics, and the effects of the increase in representation of global LGBTQ+ groups.




[Position open for 2018/2019 academic year! Contact for more information!]


Social Mobility and Class Officer: Emily O’Sullivan



Emily O’Sullivan is a Religion, Philosophy and Ethics graduate. She likes poetry, Russians, and instigating political debates in a variety of South London pubs, and her primary interest is working class issues.