Meet the Editors

Madison Miszewski – Editor-in-Chief


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Madison Miszewski is a final year History undergraduate from the U.S. with a thematic specialisation of War and regional focus on the Middle East, North Africa, and South Asia. Along with her work here at The Clandestine, she is also the Vice President of the United Nations Association where she focuses on conducting crisis simulations. Outside of KCL, Madison hopes to work in the field of migration – putting in over 400 hours of work with asylum seekers over the previous calendar year. Her interests lie at the intersections of queerness, migration, and diplomacy. In her free time, she loves to sing, dance, play music with her friends, and argue about international politics over a good gin and tonic.


Sarina Bastrup – Features Editor



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Sarina Bastrup is passionate about many things. Predominantly human rights, equality and beer. This shines through in everything that she does. From studying History and International Relations on her second year, focusing on the late 20th century in South Asia, to her Features Editor position on The Clandestine. It also shows as she co-runs the Women and Politics Society bi-weekly academic reading group and participates in MUN conferences, where she specializes chairing beginner committees. In her free time, Sarina enjoys a good book, a good run, a good Netflix binge or just a good conversation about any of the above with an excellent beer.

Keya Punja – Creative Editor


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Keya Punja is a third year Liberal Arts student, majoring in English. Along with her love of literature, Keya is passionate about writing, painting, and bird watching. Her Kenyan, Indian, British background has allowed her to explore the world through many different lenses. Although she currently has no plans for when she leaves University, she is sure that she will continue to read, write and create. Keya is happiest when she is surrounded by family friends and unlimited Gin.

Mariana Dongo-Soria – Spanish Editor



Hola, this is Mariana, bienvenidxs al blog! You know she’s from Peru because she never shuts up about it. She’s somehow managed to pass and go into her second year in History. She enjoys 80s rom coms and painting with watercolour. You can probably find her walking the streets of London while strategically dodging pigeons. She’s here to translate our contributors pieces and help that solid feminist rhetoric reach Spanish speakers like her mum, and maybe occasionally also submit some content on womanhood and queerness.

We would also like to thank the previous editors, Hannah Bondi, who edited the blog from 2017 to 2018, and Carina Minami Uchida and Celia Pannetier, who edited the blog from 2016 to 2017.