Meet the Editors


Carina Minami Uchida


I am a Brazilian-Japanese second year International Relations student at King’s and I am excited to share this blog with the people of the interwebz. I like to spend my days spending half of my money on coffee, listening to Chet Baker and having inner discussions about feminism with myself. I have taken the pledge to bring my rants about gender politics to your screens and hopefully motivate others to do the same. You can probably find me stressing at the Maughan library or having a pint at Waterfront (mostly in that order), if you do, come say hi!

Celia Pannetier

Currently in my third year of studying International Relations, originally from France yet grew up mostly in Japan, China and Australia. I’m always motivated by creative political expression, you’ll usually find me enjoying a cool exhibition or running around outside with a camera at the ready. Excited to read all your thoughts and opinions on here!
We would also like to thank the previous editors, Agathe Dorra and Erica Viganò, who established the blog in 2015 and paved the way for its success.