Black Women and Confidence

Tori Sprott is one of Breaking the Glass Ceiling’s regular contributors. There is wide scope when discussing and dissecting women’s liberation. Whether it be academic, spiritual, emotional, sexual (and so forth), liberation is what you make it. One woman’s idea of liberation may differ from the next based on her life experiences, therefore it isn’t…

Whispered Words

Sophie Moniz is a Philosophy and Spanish student, interested in languages and language; the way they affect our ways of thinking and acting (or relations or behaviour, things of that nature). She’s kissing the whispers of my world that want to hurl words so unheard unlike all those passing comments made, absurd, and yet the…

Woman, Myself

Razia Jamili was born in Iran and is 14 years old. She wants to become a writer in the future, and this is her main aspiration in life. She wanted to start focusing on her writing a long time ago, but was unable to. Now she is settled and happy in Sweden, she has started…

Chuskipop – Celebrating Desi Feminism

Antara Dasgupta is a 3rd year Chemistry student, an angsty intersectional feminist and a lover of history documentaries, bad reality TV shows and Reese’s peanut butter cups. Although there are a myriad of intersectional feminists who are fighting to dismantle the pillars of patriarchy, they seem to lack a certain brand of feminism that has…

Introducing R Answers

I wanted to introduce myself to you all. I’m R, and I’m going to be writing a regular advice column for the blog, starting as soon as you ask me to. I would forgive you for thinking that advice columns are trashy and exploitative crap, but obviously, I disagree. My love of advice columns and…

This Body is Mine

I, who struggled and is yet to come to terms with being violated of such kind, one that I have seen in statistics and in the movies, but never on my skin, is here to declare that there is truce in the battlefield of anxiety.

A House Divided Cannot Stand

Written by: Carly Greenfield
I have listened. And I have chosen that human rights trump ‘Christian’ domination. I have elected to put the safety of others before my concerns about big banks. I voted for my undocumented friends who would be deported back to countries they hardly know. I voted for trans girls who need love and support, not electroshock therapy. I voted for women who needed to know that they are more important than a protest vote. I voted for the women who choose to wear the hijab and should not live in fear because of it. I voted not for every Clinton policy, but instead for every American.

In Grief.

On grief and reflection upon the 2016 US Elections.