What Is Feminism To You?

Unveiling connotations of feminism around King’s College London. Video produced by Celia Pannetier Special thanks to Dr. Costa Fillipo Buranelli, Dr. Pablo de Orellana, Louise Tumchewics, Adrianna Stanoch, Amber Allen, Gonzalo Pradillo, Cornélie Martin, Sarah Boulton, Agathe Dorra and Sam Wyatt Photo: https://n02398056.wordpress.com/category/emmawatson/

Feminist Contributions to Our Understanding of World Politics

 Despite harsh criticism from classical and conventional theorists, feminist thinkers have successfully contributed to the International Relations (IR) discipline by expanding its fields of study and its methods.   Making its first appearance in the late 1980s, all feminist approaches are dedicated to achieving political, social, economic and legal equality of sexes. With the aim…